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Our Purpose and Commitment

Code of Conduct

Putting patients, healthcare providers, and our people at the center of everything we do

At Kowa, we are committed to achieving high ethical standards and acting in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry codes. The core principles that guide our day-to-day business activities include:

Responsible Use

Kowa’s statement on the responsible use of opioid analgesics in acute pain management

Opioid analgesics can be an important option for healthcare providers to appropriately manage acute pain in adults that is severe enough to require an opioid analgesic and for which alternative treatments are inadequate. Notwithstanding the medical need, Kowa recognizes that the use of prescription opioid medications is associated with the risks of abuse, addiction, and diversion.

Kowa’s commitment starts with listening to and understanding the needs of the patient, healthcare providers, and the overall pain community. As part of our commitment to being a responsible partner, we will be continuously listening to and securing feedback from the community to understand how we can best provide support and foster responsible and appropriate use.

Our corporate commitment is guided by the following key pillars:

We are committed to learning how we can positively
impact healthcare providers and patients through
support, education, and initiatives. We will continue to
put our values and people at the core of all we do.

Ben Stakely

Chief Executive Officer and President

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